Yoga with Adriene – “find what feels good”

I never believed that I would be able to do yoga. When I embarked on an eight-week mindfulness course, I found sitting in a cross-legged position for meditation very uncomfortable. I became aware of the stiffness in my body and suddenly realised that my strength and flexibility had been left somewhere in the past. I decided to do something about it.

I quickly discovered Yoga with Adriene and felt as if I had found a friend.  Her gentle manner is very encouraging and she has a great sense of humour which is much needed for those who are just starting out. Adriene has a wide selection of free videos available on her YouTube channel, ranging from complete beginners to courses that can be followed for weight-loss. Each month there is a whole programme to follow. If you have a sore back one day, you can dip into her collection and find a suitable session. She’s got everything covered and has recently uploaded some meditation. Perfect! Check out her website as there are downloadable collections and online classes to purchase.

I began with some of the beginner sessions then signed up for Yoga Revolution. After a month my strength and flexibility were being restored and I was toning up. I also felt calmer and had the sense of belonging to a wider community.

I have continued to follow the monthly programmes and have finally found what feels good.

Thanks so much Adriene!

Find out more at Yoga with Adriene

Adriene’s YouTube Channel


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