Mindful moments – markets


To live mindfully we must become aware of ours surroundings and live in the moment, with our senses. However, when it comes to shopping, many of us wander around the supermarket on autopilot, putting the same things into our trolleys each week, with little thought. Our food comes neatly packaged, our lettuces sit on supermarket shelves like clones. Cherry tomatoes have already been put into plastic boxes. There is little choice.

Today I decided to go to the local market. I parked my car and walked slowly in the warm sunshine to the market stalls. I was overwhelmed by the number of fruit and vegetable stalls and wondered where to begin.  Some stalls looked suspiciously neat, the fruit and veg obviously imported in large quantities. What I was looking for was something earthier which I soon found. Locally grown carrots vied with tomatoes still on the vine and bright green curly lettuces had soil clinging to their roots. Strawberries, plums, melons… the scent was amazing and the colours overwhelming. People chattered, money was exchanged, bags handed over and there was a real sense of bustle and belonging. I came away with a sense of having purchased good quality fruit and veg but also felt a sense that I was a part of the whole process. Someone has grown this food, picked it, transported it, is selling it and today all these people, including me, will be creating delicious meals for their families.

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