Take a deep breath

Mindfulness isn’t just about meditation. We can use it in our daily lives to help ourselves in certain situations. Take nerves, for example. The other day I had to give a talk to 18 people. I felt nervous for the whole morning before the talk, going over and over my notes until I sent myself into a panic. My heart was racing and I suddenly had the overwhelming fear that I couldn’t do it.

However, just before the talk, as I waited for people to come into the room, I decided that I needed to be mindful. I stood tall, both feet firmly on the ground and inhaled slowly and deeply, in through my nose and out through my mouth. I repeated this three times and felt the calming effect almost instantly. As people began to drift into the room I smiled, and not only did that put them at ease, but also myself. When we smile we lift our spirits instantly.

I also chose to enjoy the moment. It’s not everyday that we get a captive audience, who are keen to hear what we have to say. So, better to make the most of it, mindfully.


3 thoughts on “Take a deep breath

  1. Coming to our breath and ground ourselves in the body is a great way to calm nerves and become present. It’s what I teach new yoga teachers too!

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    1. My go-to Mindfulness July 7, 2017 — 7:19 pm

      I love Yoga. I’m not good at the advanced poses, but I find it very soothing.

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      1. The most advanced yoga IS mindfulness. πŸ™

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