The joy of letting go…of old clothes.

One aspect of mindfulness is being kind to yourself and treating yourself with compassion. I thought about this as I began to think about my summer wardrobe.

Each summer I take my clothes out of storage and begin the painstaking task of deciding what I can wear. Among those clothes are clothes that no longer fit, but which I promise myself will fit next year. Needless to say, many of those clothes haven’t seen the sunlight for years and only serve as an annual slap on the face. There are also the purchases (usually sale bargains) that I bought on impulse and never wore but which I am reluctant to give away as I feel guilty about spending money on them.  Then there are the clothes that still fit but no longer suit me as the years have passed by. So I usually start each summer feeling bad for not losing that weight, wasting money and for ageing.

This year, however, I decided to take a kinder approach. So, I examined each item, forgave myself for not losing the promised weight and instead of beating myself up about it simply put the clothes in a bag to be donated to charity. My impulse purchases went the same way as I have definitely overpaid my dues in the guilt department. Lastly, the clothes that no longer suit me were lovingly placed there too, ready to find a new owner.

This was a much less painful job than usual and has freed up space for some new clothes which suit my age, body shape and that are up to date, clothes that I will choose with care, not on impulse.

sat sash


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