Trusting that things will happen at the right time.

It’s funny how things come into our lives at just the right time -blogs that we stumble upon, friends that we meet… I have been busy planning my mindfulness courses and hunting for somewhere for them to take place. After a fruitless search, I stared at the computer in frustration and said, “All I need is to find one place advertising a suitable room.” The following day I came across a yoga studio offering a room for rent. It looked perfect. So, I contacted the owner who was sounded very friendly and set off the following day to view it. I was delighted – you step out of the busy street and into a peaceful retreat. The owner was very supportive and offered me advice. She said that I could advertise my course through her, put up posters etc. She was warm and welcoming and I was so thankful that I had found her. Sometimes we get very frustrated when we try to plan something and it doesn’t happen, but perhaps we should trust that things will come along when they are supposed to – if we keep our eyes open of course.

2 thoughts on “Trusting that things will happen at the right time.

  1. Indeed… even when all seems to be falling apart.. have faith xx

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  2. That’s great news! I’m happy for you x

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