The power of solitude

This post was inspired by the article The Power of Solitude.

As much as I enjoy the company of others I also enjoy time alone. For me, solitude is an opportunity to be myself for a while – to read without interruptions, to sing without being heard and to dance without being seen. I can meditate wherever I wish, or do yoga in the middle of the living-room without bothering anyone. I can eat what I like and have a good cry as I watch a good old romance.

Some people fear solitude, they fear the turning inwards, afraid of what they might find. Mindfulness has taught me to spend more time looking inwards. Mindfulness helps us to approach what is inside us rather than to run away from it. We can approach our fears slowly, with compassion, edging towards whatever it is in a kind manner as we would towards a frightened child or animal.We can explore our emotions in a safe, gentle way and slowly begin to understand who we are.

Do you like to be alone, if so why/why not? Let me know your thoughts. 🙂




3 thoughts on “The power of solitude

  1. Thanks you so much for sharing . I love being alone, just me and myself thinking of nothing, doing nothing just being with myself and appreciating myself. As a Husband, father, marathon runner and someone with a full time job there is little time to be alone but it makes the time with myself all the more precious. Really appreciate you post. many thanks, Peter

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    1. My go-to Mindfulness September 7, 2017 — 11:17 am

      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. It’s interesting to hear how other people manage to carve out time for themselves. Good luck with the marathons!


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