Being REMINDFUL of Who We Are

Sometimes it is easy to forget who we are, or even to try to change who we are. We can be breezing through life, feeling confident, when all of a sudden a cruel remark or snigger can send us into a spiral of self-doubt. We suddenly feel self-conscious, inferior, small… We wobble and become off balance, in the sense that we momentarily lose a sense of our own identity. If you’ve never experienced that then you’re lucky, but many of us have.

Our breath can act as an anchor in those moments when we feel most undermined – we can take a deep breath and choose not to let things remain inside us, but release their toxicity on the out breath.  It may take more than one deep breath, or a period of sitting quietly, meditating, or listening to a favourite piece of music. But those moments keep us tethered to our sense of identity.

We are all unique – thank goodness!


Mission Mindfulness

2 thoughts on “Being REMINDFUL of Who We Are

  1. #thesatsesh what a lovely little post with such an essential message. We have building work happening in our home and I can’t wait for the dust, dirt and builders to move out and for me to reconnect with my breath inside again x

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    1. My go-to Mindfulness November 22, 2017 — 9:57 pm

      Thanks for your comment. I hope your builders don’t make too much mess so it’s quick to clean up when they leave.

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