Mindful gifts for Christmas…


If you haven’t yet started your Christmas shopping, or written your wish list, then you might like to browse through these ideas…

31azjt2b-drlMeditation cushion set from Breathworks. I have the zafu cushion and have put the mat on my wishlist. Filled with buckwheat this cushion adapts easily to the shape of your body, and it is easy to get into a comfortable posture for meditation. They currently have a 20% discount. Meditation Cushions

webbeanies1Music fans will love anything from In Music We Trust which is run by Aiden Hatfield. 50% of profits go to the charity Mind. Choose from a range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and support a good cause in the process. In Music We Trust


A gift subscription to Mindfulness Box This is a lovely idea, a 12 months subscription to Mindfulness Box – you’ll receive a box each month, containing a delight of mindfulness goodies and there is even a subscription package for kids.Tree of Life Bangle – I was given one of these last Christmas and I love it. It’s well made and adjusts easily to fit smaller wrists. A daily reminder to be mindful. Tree of Life Bangle



A subscription to Mindful Magazine. Packed full of useful articles and interviews. Mindful Magazine



How about a tartan blanket to cosy up by the fire? Or to wrap yourself in when you’re meditating? Tartan Blanket Co.



Online subscription to Yoga with Adriene. Adriene’s Yoga videos are great. You can try before you buy as she has a whole range of free videos. Yoga With Adriene



Get out your colours, put on some music and relax. This is meditation in itself. Colouring Book


Lastly, be mindful and spread kindness and compassion – it’s free!

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