It’s December…


It’s December, and firstly, for those of you who have missed it, you can now sign up for my free 10-page booklet An Introduction to Mindfulness. It’s packed full of info and tips. So get your copy before you forget: (OFFER NOW EXPIRED)

Christmas this year will be a bit different in our house. My son and daughter are coming home for Christmas and have reassured me that they ‘don’t want much’ in the way of presents, but want to do ‘stuff’  like we used to when they were little. A kind of retro Christmas. So, bearing this in mind, they will have a couple of carefully chosen presents each and then hopefully we can go up into the mountains on boxing day and find some snow. I can’t imagine either of them in a snowsuit now, and I gave away their last sledge a long time ago, but I’m sure we can manage a walk and snowball fight or snowman building contest followed by a hot meal.

As I think that ‘doing stuff that they used to like’ might also mean playing games, I’ve been digging around and have managed to locate our old Monopoly board, complete with toy money (not the little machine and card that you can get now). Rummy-Club is also great fun and very addictive. This year I am determined to get a copy of Balderdash – and get our friends around to join in.  It’s great fun. And lastly, each year my husband begs us to play  Mahjong, and we always roll our eyes and refuse. So, perhaps this year we should agree.

I don’t think that leaving a mince pie for Santa will be on their list, but I’ll make some anyway. And what about leaving a stocking on the end of the bed and then waking up at four o’clock in the morning to see what’s in it? I doubt it. And what about consuming an entire tube of sweets before breakfast? Knowing them, that’s still a possibility.

Let me know what the Christmas traditions are in your house…


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