Just do it!

So many things can hold us back: insecurity and the fear of failure, or even nerves about being in the limelight. Often, we worry about what other people will say.

Whether it’s self-publishing a book, beginning yoga or doing a bungee jump, we are very skilled at talking ourselves out of doing things.

The trouble with thinking about all the external reasons why we shouldn’t do something is that we neglect our internal feelings and desires. We hold back and remain unfulfilled. The years pass by and one day we will look back and wish that we had done those things, because with age comes wisdom and clarity.

It’s hard to let go of those feelings of insecurity, nerves and self-consciousness, but if we can let go and focus on the joy of creating or doing whatever it is we have set our hearts on, then we can feel that fulfilment, and that will be strong enough to override those things that initially held us back.

What would you love to do? And what’s holding you back?



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