Guest Post – What if everyone in the world started practicing meditation?

My first guest post is from Rob R. from Herbal Mind –  a meditation and mindfulness blog dedicated to helping the world experience better meditation with the help of essential oils and herbal remedies.


What If Everyone Started Practicing Meditation?

If you take a step back for a second and look at the current state of our world, you’d probably think we’re doomed. Divided politics, North Korea threats, mass shootings, and the list goes on. Seems almost like the opposite definition of peace, right? Is it impossible to achieve world peace at this point? Most people will probably tell you yes, but I’m here to say otherwise. I 100% believe that if everyone in the world started practicing meditation, we’d live in a world we only dream of today… a world of peace.

In fact, a 1993 scientific study in Washington D.C proved that a large group of 7,000 people meditating at the same time and focusing on positive intentions was able to decrease the entire city’s violent crime rate by 23.3% in 3 weeks. No one really knows how or why this is, but we do know that the probability of that happening by chance is about 2 in 1 BILLION. Similar results have been seen with the same study repeated in multiple cities. Imagine the impact of the entire world attempting this.

Additionally, the Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama, once said:

If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will completely eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” -Dalai Lama

These words from the Dalai Lama should be taken seriously. He knows his stuff! The reason he’s one of the most influential spiritual sources of our time. Why isn’t teaching all 8-year old’s meditation in schools a top priority?

So, on top of eliminating violence from the world, what else would happen if the entire world started meditating right now? Let’s take a closer look, firstly at the immediate impact of mass meditation, and secondly, at what the world would be like after a few months or years of meditation every day…

Immediate Impacts of Mass Meditation

  1. New School Experience

Students and teachers would quickly begin to realize there is much more to memorizing equations and doing chemistry experiments in life. There would be a higher emphasis on teaching a way of life and the necessities. Meditation would also cause an immediate and significant decrease in bullying, drugs, and alcohol in schools…there wouldn’t even be the urge to participate in any of that. Everyone would be viewed as one in the same.

  1. More Lottery Winners!

While this may be one of the more controversial points, it’s still very interesting to think about. There have been scientific studies done that show large group meditations can actually effect random number generators. We don’t necessarily know how or why, but the studies showed when a large number of people meditated toward a common goal, random number generators would show atypical results and even produce patterns. 

Guest blog pictures

These changes have also been observed during other group gatherings throughout the world such as during a silent prayer, full moon ceremonies, sacred sites in Egypt, and large prayers at Mecca. Researchers say that

“Meditation involving a large number of people worldwide practicing an assortment of types of envisioning, prayer, and meditations at the same time reached statistical significance.”

Could group meditation help us win the lottery? Who really knows…but what we do know is the entire world meditating would cause some mysterious phenomena to occur. We’d likely get to experience the hidden impacts of mass meditation on our universe if we all began meditating today.

  1. Longer Relationships and Marriages

This one is pretty self-explanatory but would have a huge benefit on our world! Everyone would instantly begin to appreciate and become aware of everything they already have in their partners. As a result, couples will stay together longer and enjoy much healthier relationships. Cya lata 50% divorce rate!

  1. Physically and Mentally Healthier

Stress and anxiety alone have been proven to lead to many physical and mental complications. Stress can actually lower our immune systems and increase the chances of us getting sick. Meditation would reduce stress and therefore improve our immune systems, cellular growth, and DNA repair! Not to mention there would also be a fast and significant reduction of many mental illnesses and disorders such as depression, PTSD, and Alzheimer’s.

  1. We Would Get Smarter

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Along the lines of being mentally healthier, mass meditation would also make us all mentally smarter! Meditation actually helps expand our minds… allowing us to store more information in our brains and for longer periods of time. Not only would we remember more, but meditation actually causes neurons in our brains to make new connections. This would help spark more creativity and thinking “outside the box”.

Imagine what this could lead too! The world’s technological advances and discoveries would begin to skyrocket. Maybe even increase the chances of someone discovering a cure to cancer or other major diseases in the longer term.

You can experience this for yourself right now by reading how meditation can help you in school or work. (Maybe even increase your exam scores!)

  1. A Greater Respect for Nature

When people start meditating, they frequently begin to discover an inner (deeper) connection between themselves, nature, and even other inanimate objects. This is because meditation shows us that everything in this world is one. We are actually very similar to nature and wildlife in more ways than one could probably imagine. It’s one of those things you’ll just have to experience yourself through meditation to understand! It’s also why you might see some “crazy” meditators talking to trees. HAH! (Don’t worry, we’re all proud tree huggers here).

Having a better respect for nature would also inspire the world to find positive alternatives to deforestation, wildlife killing, and animal abuse.

Longer Term Impacts of Mass Meditation

Now for the really cool part… the potential long-term impacts of global meditation!

Unfortunately, it’s much more difficult to try and describe how or why these longer-term impacts will likely occur. Practicing meditation on a daily basis will help you personally experience the best understanding of the “how?” and “why?” of each potential impact for yourself. I will still try and give a very brief explanation of each to help get your mind thinking.

Having trouble meditating? You could be making one of these common meditation mistakes!

  1. The Fall of Social Groups

guest blog pic 3.jpg

LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, social media, and other social groups will naturally dissipate, and altogether disappear. While these groups seem like a positive thing to our unconscious eyes, deep meditation allows people to clearly see that there is no real need for social validation. Meditation helps us understand that we are truly all the same at our core. This would encourage people to come together as one instead of dividing into different social groups.

  1. No More Police or Military

After many months and years of global mass meditation, more and more people will begin to reach “enlightened” states of pure awareness. As more people become enlightened…it almost becomes contagious and more people will begin to become enlightened at a faster and faster rate. With global enlightenment, there would no longer be a need for military or police. We would all be simply swimming in the present moment and enjoying every minute of it. Crime, hate, and war would literally all be reduced to 0.

  1. We’d All Understand God

Enlightenment would help people experience and even understand what we call God.

  1. The Past, the Future, and Time Wouldn’t Exist

guest blog pic 4

This is true because they never truly existed in the first place! (including right now!) They are all just an illusion. A great way to fully understand this is to ask yourself one of these powerful questions during meditation

  1. Positive News Coverage ONLY!

Man, wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air! With crime, hate, violence, war, and negativity all gone, there would only be positive things to report!

But wait…

Would the news even exist? News stories would have taken place in the past…and we now understand that a world full of meditation doesn’t have a need for the past (or future) …so how could the news exist?

I’ll leave you with that… a nice MIND BLOWN!!!

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Be the Change!

There’s one major problem. How is the entire world going to start meditating? Impossible? NO! Nothing is. Worldwide meditation begins with you and I. Make it a commitment to practice meditation and mindfulness on a daily basis. Also, recommend meditation to your friends and family (sharing this post could do the trick!). Be the change!

Rob R. 

Don’t forget to check out Rob’s blog! Herbal Mind 

Also, find Rob on Twitter at HerbalMindLife



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