pexels-photo-920147.jpegIt’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve had a busy Easter with the return of my daughter from the UK for a week. It was great to have family time – we went for walks along the coast with our dog and enjoyed family meals together. I was very conscious of the days passing quickly but managed to stay mindful and enjoy each moment.

Here in Catalonia, the sun is shining although there’s a strong wind which brings the cold air from the mountains. When the snow melts on the Pyrenees then things should warm up. People don’t think of Spain being cold, but each year we have a log fire going through the winter months. There’s the promise of warmer weather to come though, with buds on the trees and a few wildflowers blooming in the garden. It seems to have been a long winter and I am looking forward to the first hot day when I can kick off my slippers and slide my feet into flip-flops.

I have a strong urge to spring-clean, to clear out my wardrobe and replace those clothes that I seem to hang onto each year just because I can’t bear to part with them. To finally store away the log basket and all its associated clutter and perhaps buy some plants and colourful cushions to bring some life into the room.

The winter mandarins will soon give way to the cherries and melons at the market. Here, it’s easy to eat seasonally and the produce is fresh and crisp. Salads will replace comforting casseroles and fruit smoothies will soothe winter skin.

I would love to hear what you enjoy about spring!

3135ddf2-d582-4f77-9151-4819984c44bfMy daughter and dog – he went into the waves and got drenched! 





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