Creating a space for meditation

Many of us would love to have a dedicated meditation room. Mine would have a polished wooden floor and be filled with plants, candles and salt lamps. It would be scented with roses and have a dimmer switch to provide just the right amount of lighting. There would be a colourful rug and floor cushions.

However, the reality for most of us is that we’re lucky if we can find a quiet moment in which to meditate, let alone a whole room. So, how can we create a space that creates the right mood for meditation?

If you can find an unused corner in a quiet area of your house then you could set up a few things to make a restful meditation area. Choose things to go in it that you love – a comfy cushion or pillows, a small colourful mat, a plant, an oil diffuser, and a collection of stones or shells from the beach. If there isn’t room for a table then perhaps a small low stool could be used to arrange things on. The idea is to create a place that will give you an instant sense of calm when you step into it, which will not only help your meditation but encourage you to go back to it daily.

If you haven’t got the luxury of a quiet corner, then you could create a mobile meditation kit. I use a pretty basket that was given to me by a friend. It has plenty of room for my meditation cushion, a shawl to wrap myself in on cooler days and a yoga mat. I can grab it and head off to meditate wherever I please. Unpacking the basket and setting things out is a relaxing ritual in itself. It also contains a spare set of headphones which I can plug into my ever-present mobile phone and listen to guided meditations or soothing background sounds.

So create a meditation space/kit today and let me know how you get on – I’d love to hear your ideas!



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