Mental Health Awareness Week – little steps will get you there…

Mindfulness helps us to move towards our emotions, rather than run from them. But by accepting your emotions it doesn’t mean that you are resigning yourself to them, just accepting the fact that they are there. This can be painful but gives you the opportunity to take action and move forward with your life. It can be difficult because you just want everything to change in an instant, but just as a tree cannot grow overnight, any long-term change you wish to make will be a slow process, but worth it in the end.

Mindfulness helps with this by placing more of a focus on what is happening right now. If you are feeling down but can find 3 things each day to feel grateful for, it can make a difference.

When someone asks us, “How was your day?” we are much more likely to tell them how someone cut us up on a roundabout than tell them how beautiful the sunrise was that morning. And when we see the news on tv, it’s not often positive.

If we can take little steps towards our goal – we will get there in the end, no matter how slowly.

Have a great weekend – and remember to look out for the little things!




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