10 lessons for life (in under a minute)

The most valuable lessons we learn in life aren’t to be found in a classroom. Here are 10 things that I’d like to say to you:

1) Discover who you are and then be that person.

2) Create dreams and then follow them, even if it means travelling your own path, not one already trodden by countless others.

3) Trust your instinct, knowing that it will lead you where you need to go.

4) Knock on doors that you think may think may never open and then walk through them when they do.

5) Even if you don’t/didn’t get the highest grades in school it doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed in life, so believe in yourself.

6) People who are the most popular aren’t necessarily the ones who feel the most confident.

7) Know that it’s okay to be different and to love that difference.

8) You are unique.

9) You are special.

10) You are you!





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