Find your path in life by looking back at your childhood dreams.

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When we are children we have such a strong sense of our own identity. We know what we like and want we don’t. We have dreams of how we want our future to be and nothing will sway us from the strong belief that it will happen. Our imaginations are clear, our dreams colourful and we see the world as a place with endless possibilities.

But somewhere along the way many of us get lost in life, in the automatic pilot of our days and those dreams become buried. It may take years before the child inside calls out, “But what about your dream to be a writer?” “What about your dream to travel?” “What about your dream to live in the countryside?”

When I was a child I told my mother that I was going to live in Spain, write books and buy a horse. I was dismissed as a dreamer. At the age of 32, I moved to Spain with my husband and two young children where we have lived for 17 years. I did buy a horse – for my daughter and I have co-authored and self-published a book with a friend.

It wasn’t an easy decision to move abroad with two young children, but when I saw an advert to teach in the town where I had spent my summer holidays as a child I just had to apply for it.

I have always believed in following your dreams and don’t believe in coincidences, even if that sounds like mumbo-jumbo. Nothing will come to us on a plate. Doors will open and we must decide whether or not to go through them.

If you ever feel lost in life and wonder what direction to take next, look back at your childhood likes and dreams. What did you enjoy doing? What did you want to be?  Is there anything that you longed to do as a child that is still a burning desire now? Make a list and those will be your clues. Now you just need the courage to follow them.

P.S Now that my two have flown the nest I am wondering, what next? This time I think the clues lie in my Google search history – but that’s another story…

I would love to hear what your childhood dreams were and if any of them have come true…

Jacqueline 🙂 xx











2 thoughts on “Find your path in life by looking back at your childhood dreams.

  1. Wonderful post! 🙂

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    1. Go-to Mindfulness July 26, 2018 — 8:56 am

      Thanks very much, Kat 😊

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