If you haven’t been able to find a way of managing your stress, it’s not your fault…

If you haven’t been able been able to find a way of managing your stress, it’s not your fault…

 Looking back on my own experience I believe that it took me so long to find a way to manage my stress for the following reasons:

Time – In a busy day it’s difficult to find time to focus on yourself. As a working mum, I found that when I did have that time I was tired and would waste it surfing the internet to switch off my mind.

Trying to go it alone is hard – Knowing that we need to make a change is one thing but then setting out to find a solution, alone, is another matter. I really needed someone to guide me but didn’t know who.

Quick fixes don’t work – Trying stress-reduction tips I’d read about just didn’t work for me. What I really wanted was good, practical advice that I could use long-term.

What I finally found helped me manage my stress was finding a mindfulness stress-reduction course and learning techniques that I could easily integrate into my day. Having that coach to support me on my journey and give me accountability was very reassuring. She helped me to come up with a sustainable long-term plan to keep me on track. I also decided to manage my time better and dedicated time to mindfulness meditation rather than aimlessly surfing the internet.

It has made such a difference! I’m calmer, can manage stressful situations and apply mindfulness to my daily life. So now I feel so much more confident, in control of my stress and happy that I’m setting a good example for my family.


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