By enrolling on a mindfulness course, I learnt how to…

By enrolling on a mindfulness course, I learnt how to…

  • manage my stress through mindfulness meditation techniques; this meant learning how to use the rhythm of my breathing to bring a sense of calm to difficult situations.
  • let thoughts go rather than focusing on them.
  • recognise the stress signals in my body and respond to them with kindness rather than harsh self-judgement.
  • appreciate the present moment through simple activities like a morning walk.

By learning these simple techniques I was able to recognise and manage my stress, so that I could finally become calmer and lead a more balanced life…

So, now I’m holding a 6-week online mindfulness program to help you manage your stress and become calmer so you can lead a more balanced life.

I believe that learning mindfulness in a structured way, with support, without struggling through piles of self-help books alone, is what you need if you’re a beginner.

I know what it feels like to do the wrong thing, trying to work things out on my own, surfing the internet for answers and becoming even more frustrated.

If you’re just getting started then I recommend working  with a mindfulness teacher and developing your own mindfulness practice. I did and so I’ve been finally been able to manage my stress and become calmer and I have helped other people to do the same.

So, if learning to manage your stress and becoming calmer so that you can lead a more balanced life is what you’d like to achieve without searching for answers alone on the internet and in self-help books, then I recommend following the link and applying for this 6 week program.


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