Walking, the way to a calmer mind…

I’ve just returned from a 3 day walking break in the Spanish Pyrenees. My husband, dog and I stayed in a little wooden bungalow on a campsite with a view back down the valley to Torla and up towards the stunning Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park which is a UNESCO site.

View towards Torla.

On our first day we opted for a river walk down to Torla and beyond to Broto where we had a picnic beside the river.  It was perfect! It was our mission to disconnect from everything for 3 days and I found that being amid such stunning scenery did the trick.

Blackberries lined the path.

As we sat munching our sandwiches and cooling our feet in the river, I watched how the water rushed along and around the rocks and stones which stood in its way. Never did it stop flowing. And I thought how we should emulate this in our lives. We can allow our lives to flow and when we encounter a problem, work our way around it and continue, not allowing that problem to prevent us from moving on our way.

This little cairn was already there.

I also found that as were doing long walks we became quieter as the day progressed and we grew tired, until there was only the sound of our feet crunching on the ground in a steady rhythm. That first day we were accompanied by the constant sound of the river. I felt very much in tune with nature. All thoughts left my mind until I was only focused on the scenery around me and the movement of my body.

This was pure mindfulness. Thinking about nothing more than that moment was a relief. It made me realise how much chatter there normally is in my mind even on what I consider to be a quieter days. There is so much power in the moment when we truly allow ourselves to just be.

I highly recommend it. Walk when you can. Walk until you’re tired. Connect with nature!

Signs of autumn.


We stayed at Ordesa Camping-Bungalows


***If any of you are still interested in my 6-week online autumn mindfulness course then let me know as I still have a couple of places available. We can arrange a Skype call if you’d like to find out more.


4 thoughts on “Walking, the way to a calmer mind…

  1. how lovely. It looks gorgeous and peaceful. I could do with a mini break and some nature walking. Maybe I’ll book a couple of nights in Pembrokeshire for October . #thesatsesh

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Go-to Mindfulness September 23, 2018 — 8:41 pm

      Sounds good! 😄


  2. #thesatsesh how beautiful and tranquil. A lovely place to just ‘be’
    I did some calm training today, psychological based rather than mindful / technique based. Everyone in the room had to pick somewhere that they felt calm…all but one picked a water related place; rivers, baths, swimming etc.

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    1. That’s interesting. There’s something very soothing about water! 🙂


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