An invitation…

As many of you know I recently launched my 6-week Autumn Mindfulness Course and I would love you to join me.

The course is aimed at those of you who would like to learn how to reduce and manage your stress, through mindfulness. You’ll need an hour a week to meet with me for a one-to-one session via Skype. During this session we will go over the focus for the week and I will teach you a meditation and some techniques which you will practice daily until our next meeting. You’ll need to dedicate at least 20 minutes a day for this as in this way you’ll be able to incorporate the techniques into your daily life until they become a habit.

Over the 6 weeks we’ll look at how to step out of automatic pilot and into the present moment to give yourself space. You’ll learn how to recognise the signs of stress in your body, your particular stress triggers and how to manage them. We’ll also look at dealing with difficult emotions. You’ll explore and implement ways of bringing self-care into your busy life. Finally, you’ll have an action plan to help you navigate the rest of your mindfulness journey when the course has finished.

I also offer you the opportunity of adapting the course to your particular needs. One of my previous clients was a teacher and wanted to find ways of reducing his stress when he was in the classroom surrounded by children all demanding his attention. We looked at particular breathing techniques he could use and simple strategies to ease his classroom stress. I’ve had over 20 years experience as a classroom teacher so I was able to identify with him completely. I’m glad to say that mindfulness has made a huge difference to him. He was also concerned about how to bring mindfulness into his busy family routine so as he was cycling daily we explored ways that he could do ‘mindful cycling’.

Before taking anyone on to one of my courses I like to meet for a short Skype chat to make sure that the course will be suitable for you and so that you can meet me and see if you feel comfortable. I don’t charge for this. Someone asked if I take on everyone who applies and the answer to that is no. If I don’t feel that I can help in your particular situation then I will say so. An example would be if someone is in the middle of a depression then I wouldn’t recommend starting a mindfulness course until they are between episodes. Likewise, if someone is in the middle of a life change like a divorce or house move, then I would always suggest waiting until things have calmed down a bit.

If mindfulness is something that you think you might be interested in then please get in touch. I’m always happy to share my own experience of mindfulness with you and discuss how it can make a difference to your life.

My 6-week Autumn Mindfulness Course is currently priced at the early bird price of £120, payable in two instalments, offer available until October 12th. Any applications after this will pay the full-price of £150.

If you’d like to schedule an introductory chat then Apply here!

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