Building a regular meditation practice

It can be really hard to build up your own regular meditation practice. If you’ve ever attended an 8-week mindfulness course you may have found it easy to keep on track while you were accountable to the course leader each week. But when the course finishes and you’re left to go out into the world on your own and meditate, it can be so much harder.

Life gets in the way and offers many opportunities for excuses – I haven’t got time, I’ll do it later, I’ve had a bad day and don’t feel like it and before you know it you’ve gone several weeks without meditating once.

As with anything it takes a while to build up a habit and incorporating this important element of self-care into your life may seem low on your list of priorities. However, when you do eventually meditate you suddenly realise how beneficial it is, promise yourself to do more and so the cycle begins again.

I’ve found that my most of my clients are very good at sticking to a mindfulness meditation routine when they are undertaking the 8-week course. With daily reminders and support they find that they can easily keep on track. The tough part, they tell me, is when they try to meditate without any support at all. Then their good intentions fall by the wayside and although they manage to maintain mindful habits throughout their day, the meditation does tend to get pushed to one side.

I know how hard this can be as I felt the same when I first started out with my meditation practice. I missed having that weekly check-in with the mindfulness teacher.

So, I’ve decided to offer 1:1 online meditation sessions, tailored to your particular needs. I’m quite happy for someone to contact me and say, “Hey, Jacqueline, I’d really like a 30 minute meditation session, weekly, to de-stress/manage my anxiety/relax/reconnect.” Or twice weekly sessions. Or monthly check-in sessions to keep on track.

Everyone is different, has different timetables and needs and online sessions offer flexibility and also mean that you can meditate in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re interested or know anyone else who might be interested then feel free to contact me to find out more. Prices depend on the number of sessions required.

Beginner packages are available, including single taster sessions.

Jacqueline ๐Ÿ™‚

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