What to do when you feel stuck…

Sometimes we are determined to follow a certain path in life. We make our plans and do our research. We have a strategy mapped out and begin to set things in motion.

However, after a while we realise that we are constantly running into dead ends, leads that go nowhere, promises from other people that are suddenly broken. And, in spite of our best efforts, we suddenly come to a standstill and are stuck.

It is at these moments that we need to ask ourselves if we are on the right path. Our path through life should flow naturally and we should eventually be able get over or around any obstacles in our way, like a river flowing over and around the boulders it finds in its path. But when we find that we are constantly met with a wall of resistance no matter how hard we try, then like a river meeting the wall of a dam all our energy becomes backed up and transforms into a reservoir of potential energy with no path for release.

It can be very hard to suddenly stop and realise that what you thought you wanted isn’t going to happen. But we need to remember that something else will. So, how do we discover what that something is?

We need to listen to ourselves. It’s quite possible that while we were striving to achieve our goals, something felt off, a niggling feeling deep inside. We need to listen to our intuition and act based on what we feel, not on what the outside world is telling us to do. We must trust ourselves and allow ourselves to be open to new opportunities instead of becoming stuck in a negative and resistant mode.

Our bodies and emotions are constantly giving us clues about situations if we take the time to listen, observe and notice patterns.

How do you know you are stressed? Do your shoulders hunch? Do you get a headache? Consider the trigger – what led to this feeling of stress? Is there a pattern to it? Particular days, situations or people?

Pay attention to your feelings. Does this feel right? If a situation is making you uncomfortable then can you pinpoint why? If not, but you believe it just feels wrong, then trust your intuition as your intuition comes from the subconscious mind which is constantly processing information that you are unaware of.

Notice your energy. What drains you? What energises you? What are you passionate about?

Also consider what you don’t want as this can often lead you to what you do.

Meditate – take the time to tune into yourself, focus on your breath and allow your mind some time and space to simply be as often it is in stillness that we find the wisdom we we need.

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