Why we love candles

What is it that draws us to fill our homes with candles? Why can we never get enough of them? From tealights in jars to large church style candles, their appeal never fades.

Candles create intimacy and ambience, forming pools of gentle light that provide a relief from harsh overhead lighting and the glare of computer screens. They are mesmerising, soothing our soul as we stare into them, often becoming aware of nothing more than their glow. This has a calming effect on our minds, relieving stress.

We can also appreciate the scent of candles and there is an increasing array to choose from. Lavender can take you back to making lavender bags as a child, while the scent of a linen candle reminds you of fresh washing. And at Christmas, a ginger or cinnamon candle brings a feeling of warmth and festivity.

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Today I’d like to introduce you to barenaturals candles. I’m impressed by the aim of the company which is to reforest trees in places such as Nepal, Haiti, Madagascar and Indonesia. They state that for every candle you buy, you help to reforest 10 trees. And if you purchase one of their Paradise Island candles you will also be helping to clean up the seas from plastic.

I think this is a wonderful idea for those of us who like to support nature while enjoying the beautiful sight and scents of candles in our homes.

Their range of candles, which come in jars or tins, includes: Fresh Linen, English Rose, Hot Chocolate (yes, really) and for those moments when you’d like to connect with yourself or others there’s the special edition Soul Candle. The Soul Candle is also perfect for use during meditation.

English Rose Candle

So, if you love candles, check them out at barenaturals and help the planet at the same time.

Together we can make a difference!

Jacqueline x

Soul Candle

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