Use the internet to connect…with yourself!

We live our lives increasingly connected with the outside world through the internet. I must admit that without the internet I wouldn’t be where I am today or have travelled to the places that I have. I wouldn’t be living in the house that I am now or even be typing this to you. The internet has enabled me to live abroad and remain connected with my family and friends through email, WhatsApp and other social media platforms. The internet enables us work from home, book flights and hotels, find information at the touch of a button, shop, find a new pair of shoes or a a partner – the list is endless. We have an open door to the world.

The down side of this are the words ‘open door’. Some of us never shut the door as we used to and be in the privacy of our own homes getting on with our own things. And the younger generation ( I sound old) have sadly never even experienced not being able to be connected with their friends 24/7 or to be bored and wonder what to do with themselves.

When you’ve got free time do your fingers itch to reach for your mobile phone? Do you scroll hungrily through social media sites, looking at the lives of others and comparing them to your own?

Do you make a mental list of shoulds? I should look like that, be able to do that, live like that, go there, have that…. As we fill our minds with these comparisons we forget ourselves. Who are we? What do we want? And with so much bright and shiny information out there we can become dazzled and freeze, like a rabbit in headlights.

There is no set path through life. There is more than one route to where we want to go if we can only take time to explore those routes. Where is our destination and how will we get there? And if we’re unsure, then what’s wrong with just wandering for a while along some of those paths which may bring us opportunities and enable us to see things that we would otherwise have missed. One path leads to another, the main thing is to keep moving and trust our instincts while remaining connected to the present moment.

We can use the internet for inspiration – there is so much out there. If we can come away from our searching feeling positive and inspired by what we’ve seen then that’s great. However, if we come away feeling disheartened and powerless with a battered self-esteem then we need to be careful.

It’s wonderful to use the internet to connect with others, but above all remember to use it to connect with yourself!

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