Mindful Journaling Workshop

As we settle into January, with its new challenges, I’ve been journaling daily. There’s something very therapeutic about the sensation of the pen gliding across the paper of my journal. I recently dug out my old fountain pen, one that I used at college, and bought some ink for it. That in itself is a pleasure to use. The ritual of filling up the fountain pen, wiping away the excess ink and then beginning to write puts me in the right frame of mind.

There are days when the pen moves across the paper effortlessly as my thoughts are transcribed into my journal. At other times, the process is slower. It’s interesting to notice the difference and see why it should be so.

I can usually tell by the writing which becomes larger and larger on an emotional day. On contemplative days the writing is neater and more even. On angry days the ink seems darker as I’ve pushed the pen harder onto the paper.

Journaling helps me to make sense of the events, thoughts and emotions that I experience in my life. It also helps to put things into perspective. When something is written down, we can stand back and reflect. Re-read it from a different viewpoint and find insight.

Sometimes I write in the morning. These entries tend to be lighter and are a good way to start the day and set positive intentions.

The evening entries are much more reflective, more emotional. For this reason I try to end the entries with a couple of sentences of gratitude, closing the day with a warmer feeling in my heart than when I started.

Journaling has helped me to connect with my inner-self, and to gain insights that might otherwise have passed unnoticed.

If you’d like to find out more about journaling then I invite you to join me for a 4-week Mindful Journaling Workshop, beginning on February 3rd at 7.30 pm GMT.

For further information about the workshop, visit my Welcome Page, or book your place below.

Warm wishes,


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