11th November 7.30 pm (UK) – Mindful Journaling Workshop

Hi, I hope you are keeping well in these difficult times. I wanted to let you know that I will be repeating my Introduction to Mindful Journaling Workshop. I have had such positive feedback from the first event. Many of you now have your own mindful journaling practice and are feeling the benefits, especially thoseContinue reading “11th November 7.30 pm (UK) – Mindful Journaling Workshop”

Mindful Mums – How to start bringing mindfulness into your life

Today I’d like to explore a question that I’ve been getting a lot from busy mums: “I haven’t got time for mindfulness, so what can I do?” It’s a good question. I know how difficult it is to find time as a busy mum. I’ve been there. I was a full time teacher and motherContinue reading “Mindful Mums – How to start bringing mindfulness into your life”

The relaxing power of colouring

There’s something very calming about colouring. The gentle movement of our hands as we colour. The focus. The beautiful rainbow of coloured pencils or felt-pens that we can spread out to choose from. When we sit and focus on colouring, it relaxes the amygdala, the fear centre of our brains, reducing the production of adrenaline.Continue reading “The relaxing power of colouring”