Children’s Art Gallery

We hope you enjoy this gallery of characters designed by the children during our online workshops. A big thank you to the children for sharing their work!

This beautiful drawing was done by Nicole during our Poetry & Art for Wellbeing Workshop. She has creatively combined the idea of hearts and Earth. We love the name of her character, Eco!

A colourful and thoughtful design by Ada. The Heart Girls are loving and protecting the ocean.

A happy heart girl with a flower. Her name is Melody. Drawn by Jura with a whiteboard and pen.

A drawing and poem by Martha. Flower power! Drawn with a pen and whiteboard.

Sara has used her creativity to produce a colourful magical cat. We love the colours she’s used.

This Love Monster has arms that can stretch out a long way to give hugs. Perfect for these times. By Darcy.

Here we have Lily the Superhero. Her superpower is Happiness. A wonderful superpower to have.

The superpower here is the power of self-love. By Kate.

The power of flowers! Flowers superpower. By Jules.

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